Internet Black Hole Found!

Last night after finishing up a long day of work, I had a random thought. I remembered when I was (maybe) 8 years old, and being fascinated by placing 1 mirror in front of another, and trying to see an infinite reflection.
Early this AM I thought I would re-produce this effect by taking a live feed from my iPhone and display it on an iPad next to the source of my feed. (see pictures). As I was following my ‘downward spiral’, the frames were getting smaller and smaller, as expected. . . But then it happened. I began to see what appeared to be a glowing red hole. I was staring right into it and felt a feeling I had never felt in my life. I think I almost had some sort of epileptic seizure! I’m chuckling to myself right now, but it’s really not a funny matter!
Re-reading this post, I am so happy with my backup prowess as I have screenshots to PROVE what I saw, and I would love to hear others’ try to see this with their own eyes and tell ME what it is that I am seeing!!